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  • Message from the President
    Welcome to Hercules Glass Tech Co., Ltd.

    Hercules Glass Tech Co., Ltd., through innovative manufacturing technology for resin-laminated glass, has developed and markets “security glass” that is certified as the strongest security glass in Japan and also “high-performance and energy-saving architectural glass” that satisfies versatile architectural needs.

    We offer a comprehensive range of security glass comprising Crime Prevention Glass, Blast-resistant Glass and Bullet-resistant Glass. In order to meet the versatile requirements of architects, we have developed color glass of superb aesthetic quality as well as energy-saving glass including HERCULES COOL 50TM. Recently, we have launched our proprietary energy-saving security glass.

    Contrary to the conventional film-laminated glass, which consumes energy not only for manufacturing PVB film alone but lamination with glass layers under high temperature and high pressure in costly autoclaves, Hercules resin-laminated glass manufacturing process enables adhesion with glass layers with chemical reaction under room temperature and ambient pressure, which helps reduce the expenditure for initial investment as well as energy consumption for the manufacturing process.

    I am convinced that the widespread use of our resin-laminated glass technology across the world will make a significant contribution to the global reduction of carbon footprint.

    Some 20 years ago, glass makers around the world tried to manufacture resin-laminated glass, though the resins were found inappropriate in particular weatherability. Receiving complaints from the customers after installation work, Japanese glass makers ceased the production of resin-laminated glass.

    Based on the experience, we have carried out extensive research and development of high-performance resin suitable for glass lamination. We have repeatedly conducted stringent tests and consequently overcome the quality problems, in particular, wheatherability.

    Hercules Glass Tech Co., Ltd. is committed to continued effort in development of high-performance security glass and energy-saving glass to make your living environment safer and more comfortable.
    Corporate Mission
    Hercules Glass Tech Co., Ltd., through technology development in the area of high-performance resin-laminated glass, is committed to enhance safety and security in living and working environments, and reduce carbon footprint.
    Corporate Profile
  • Company name
  • Hercules Glass Tech Co., Ltd.
  • Head Office
  • 2-37-61 Katsuradai, Aoba-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 227-0034 Japan
  • Institute
  • -
  • President
  • Masaki Ijichi
  • Establishment
  • August 2002
  • Capital
  • 10 million yen
  • Business
  • 1. Development, manufacture and sale of resin laminated security / blast-resistant / bullet-resistant glass
    2. Development, manufacture and sale of resin laminated safety / energy-saving glass for residences and buildings
    3. Licensing of manufacturing technology of high-performance resin laminated glass to overseas companies